Glucosamine Rocks

glucosamine lectin detox

Adding MSM and glucosamine to your diet helps the detoxification process.  These “sugars” act as lectin magnets, and, in effect, BLOCK the extremely sticky dietary lectin proteins–stopping them from punching holes through your gut and entering the bloodstream where they deposit themselves in and around distant organs and joints.


    1. Hi Ruby! I suppose that your first step is to make a list of low-lectin foods or ways to prepare low-lectin foods and stick to this. Immediately stop eating white potatoes, beans, cashews, peanuts, corn, dairy and wheat. In serious cases, lectin detoxification can be sped up or slowed down appropriately by shifting hours of sleep, tapering, exercise, stress, etc.. I am working on a book at the moment about your question. I will let you know once it is up on the site to download. But, of course, I am not a medical doctor, so I would consult yours just in case. I hope that you are doing well and let me know if you begin to change your diet. Matthew James.

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