How Nazis Created Flintstone Vitamins (The Lectin Detox)

The Lectin Detox – My name is Matthew James. When I was four years old my skin turned blue and my throat closed over. This was my first near death experience with contaminated food. I almost died. However, I soon developed a mysterious rash all over my body; this rash quickly turned into severe atopic dermatitis. For the next 30 years, I was experimented on: A fleet of highly trained and specialized doctors took turns prescribing me a variety of ointments, creams, steroids, antibiotics, antihistamines, sedatives, anti-bacterials, and immuno-suppressants. Ironically, as I found out, all were unnecessary.

New Video: Medical Doctors Kill 250,000 Americans Every Year (The Lectin Detox)

The Lectin Detox – “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer. My name is Matthew James, and at the age of four my throat closed over and I couldn’t breathe. I almost died. This was my first anaphylactic reaction to contaminated food. I suffered for decades with severe atopic dermatitis, however, through an understanding of natural health…I did what all the creams, ointments, antibiotics, and experimental pharmaceuticals couldn’t do…I overcame my condition. And thankfully, now, I have no need for the prescriptions that I now view as deadly. To illustrate, in May, 2016, the British Medical Journal published an article called “Medical Error–The Third Leading Cause of Death in the United States”. The article estimates that as many as 250,000 people die each year in the U.S. because of medical doctors.

New Video: The SHOCKING Origins of Chiropractic & the Murder (?) of D.D. Palmer (The Lectin Detox)

The Lectin Detox – “Chiropractors correct abnormalities of the intellect as well as those of the body” – D.D. Palmer, Founder of Chiropractic. On March 7th, 1845 Daniel David Palmer, was born in Port Perry, Ontario…a small Canadian town, located about 30 minutes drive east of Toronto. At the age of twenty, despite his Canadian roots, Palmer emigrated to the United States with his father, Thomas Palmer, and mother Katherine McVay. Here, he held various jobs: including beekeeper, school teacher, and grocery store owner. Ultimately, he began practicing magnetic healing beginning in the mid 1880s in Burlington and Davenport, Iowa. Magnetic healing involved the use of permanent magnets to positively influence the human body–especially blood flow.

New Video: How Corn Is Making You INFERTILE (The Lectin Detox)

The Lectin Detox – “Sterilization of the mentally and physically defective has long been advocated, but only recently has it seeped into the public consciousness. From the day when Plato wrote his Republic to the present, eugenicists have advanced various solutions to the problem of the defective, but sterilization seems to meet the requirements of the situation most aptly. For while it gives protection to society, yet it deprives the defective of nothing except the privilege of bringing into the world children who would only be a care to themselves and a charge to society…. Only those mentally defective and those incurably diseased should be sterilized. Many subnormal families whose intelligence is not of a high order are capable of raising useful citizens. But society should have some voice in the charges and responsibilities it will assume, not only now, but in the generations to come”. These are the words of Tommy Douglas–voted the all-time “greatest Canadian” in 2004.

Meat Is Corn…Corn Is Poison

Unless you are eating expensive 100% grass fed beef, in America, all meat is ultimately corn: chickens, turkeys, pigs, and even cows are forced into eating corn, as are, carnivores such as salmon. Cheap corn lectins are an easy way to “marble” animal flesh, making it taste better, but these poisonous proteins bioaccumulate in your organs upon ingestion–ultimately leading to the development of horrific “autoimmune” conditions.

Potatoes Are Killing You

Potatoes have a long history of being seen as poisonous. According to the Smithsonian, a green potato indicates the presence of a nerve toxin that can induce coma or even kill you within 24 hours of consumption. But, even scarier: Potato lectin is a poisonous glycoprotein that contains about 47% l-arabinose, 3% d-galactose and 11% hydroxyproline.

New Video: How Corn Is Slowly Making You Go Insane (The Lectin Detox)

The Lectin Detox – “Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image.” — Geothe My name is Matthew. I almost died in a Kindergarten classroom when I was four years old. My skin turned blue and my throat closed over. I had my first life threatening allergic reaction. I soon developed severe atopic dermatitis all over my body. For the next thirty years, dozens of highly trained medical specialists told me that my immune system was dysfunctional: that I was broken. They gave me creams, ointments, experimental immunological regulators, antihistamines, and antibiotics–but my condition only worsened. Eventually, I could hardly walk, and, when I smiled, blood would often drip down as the weakened skin around my mouth split open. It wasn’t until I learned about lectins and worked vigorously to flush them from my body, that I began to recover. And though it took time, I healed–proving, that the medical degrees, the egos, the hubris, and the pharmacological research were all, shockingly, wrong.

March Madness, Wheat & Dietary Lectins

Got the March Madness? Consider eliminating wheat from your diet. Wheat lectin proteins are especially problematic in that they look like the snyopsin 1 proteins found in neurological tissue, so that the antibodies our body uses in defense also attack healthy nerve cells. Depending on the location of the brain cells under attack, the autoimmune effects can result in autism, seizures, tics, inappropriate emotions, repetitive behaviors, dementia, decreased short-term memory, cognitive impairment, depression, anxiety, ADHA and ADD.